Waterjet cutting


Specialising in water jet cutting over the last 15+ years and being one of the first in Europe with a  dynamic water jet (90ยบ edge quality).

Over this time our primary market has been involved in oil and gas as well  many other specialised industries requiring clean cold cutting for either direct fitting with no further finishing or in a pre finished state requiring very little   finishing in machine shops. This ensures  less processing time further down the line. Saving  on materials and valuable  skilled work forces allowing them to process more projects on a  narrow time scale. Also with no heat affected zones mean less tooling and breakages on finished machining.  With cold cutting this also ensures that all test certificates and the material chemical make up is unaltered. Meaning no further testing is required after the cut  and reducing further expense to a  project.



Mild steel | Aluminium | Stainless steel | Titanium


Armor plate | Wear plate | Cobalt titanium


Brass | Copper | Kevlar | Composites | Granite | Ceramics


Plastic | Wood | Foam | Nylon | Polypropylene

Many others upon request


3mm (optimum) - 200mm

Sheet size

Up to 4000mm x 2000mm

Benefits and best suited applications

90 degree straight cutting through heavier thickness'

Little or no wash marks on the edges

*depending on your cut request

Sharp contours and edges

Obscure external and internal shapes

Cut virtually any exotic material

Cuts holes less that the size of the material

eg. 3mm hole through 25mm thick material

No heat effected zones or flame hardened edges

Text cut out letters on heavy materials

Accurate sizes

Tapping size ready holes

Ideal for cutting out machining time on hard materials. Saving you time and money on expensive tooling

Cuts composite materials like kevlar or laminated metals