Coatings & surface preparation


Powder Painting

Have your products professionally finished with our powder painting service. Whether it be to aesthetically please the eye, add shelf life or weather protect your product. Powder coating your product is the right choice.

Surface preparation & treatments

Descaling & pre-painting

Automatic steel shot blasting up to 1400mm in diameter

Manual sand blasting

Manual aluminium oxide blasting  for stainless steel and aluminium (up to one metre sq)

Anti corrosive

Zinc rich powder painting

Thermal zinc spraying



Powder painting small and large objects


Removing scale and rust for presentaition

Etching the material surface for painting

Removing surface impurities for welding (paint,oil and surface rust)

Creating surface grip for bonding and gluing

Pre process for thermal zinc spraying

Shot blasting also prevents chipping, flaking and adds longer life to the final coat application either powder or wet painting as well as thermal zinc.